Solar Powered - Free, Natural Ventilation

Solar Smart is designed to be used without any additional power and wiring from the building.

Solar Smart is a solar charged, battery powered, remote operated, chain drive opener system – designed for the use in awning windows and skylights. Solar Smart is designed to be used without any additional power and wiring from the building. The operator is powered by a Lithium battery pack that is recharged from the external solar panel; an optional AC adapter is included. Solar Smart was engineered to feature ultra low power consumption while in idle state, and in use. The electronically efficient hardware and software design, allows for solar to be a reality; also allowing the solar panel to be relatively small (approx 13 x 3 inch).

The intelligence of Solar Smart extends to the handheld remote; bidirectional feedback display is the most noteworthy to the end user. The large and readable display provides feedback on a number of critical items including; Open / Close status displayed in percentage, operator and remote battery levels, solar charge rate, temperature automatic functions, and several other advanced programming options. A single remote can be paired with one or multiple operators.

The standard Solar Smart Remote provides a great deal of programmable operation, including thermostat operation. For more advanced integration with home/building automation systems, the ECI Remote is available. Compatible with most systems which utilize wired input controls.

ECI Remote for Automation Systems

Solar Smart is now available to be controlled from other devices such as thermostats, home/building automation systems, security systems and etc. - with the use of wired External Control Inputs (ECI) on a dedicated remote – ECI Remote.

The ECI Remote maintains all the functionality as the Standard Remote – however it is intended and recommended that all pairing/programming to be completed on the Standard (Main) Remote and the ECI Remote to be used as a Secondary Remote.

The ECI Remote will operate either a single zone or all zones. The ECI Remote requires a wall outlet for constant power as well as be wired directly to the automation system.

Features such as Rain Sensor, Temperature Control, and Timed-to-Close should be disabled on the ECI (Secondary) Remote and managed only on the Standard (Main) Remote.


Lifting Capacity

60 lbs at the chain which provides operation to hinged systems weighing up to 120 lbs.

When installed at a pitch of 4/12 or greater: 80 lbs at the chain which provides operation to hinged systems weighing up to 160 lbs.

Closing Force

The operator will close until 30-35 lbs of force is reached, sufficient to compress weather seals.

Pull-Out Resistance

Tested by independent certified laboratory to resist a pull-out force of 750 lbs while maintaining ability to operate after force was removed.

Opening Distance

Maximum travel of the chain is 8 inches. Factory default setting is 80% of total travel but this is easily changed by the end-user at any time.

Finish Materials

The structural base and mounting bracket are white painted aluminum. The decorative cover is white plastic. All external surfaces are paint-able.

Battery Pack

A Lithium 7.2 V rechargeable battery pack, capacity 1800 mAh. End-user replaceable with an expected life of up to 10 years under normal use and conditions.



Large, easy to read LCD shows function and status information for both the operator and remote control via bi-directional communication. Temperature displayed when not operating the system. Opening and closing status displayed by percentage during operation.

Operator and Remote battery levels displayed by percentage. Solar or AC adapter charge rate displayed in Milliamperes (mA).


FCC approved RF bi-directional communication.


Standard AAA alkaline batteries, with an expected life of 1 year under normal use.

Thermostat Automation

Integrated sensor for automated thermostat operation, end-user programmable.

Standard Features

Operates up to 9 units per Zone in up to 9 separate Zones, for a total capacity of 81 units.

Multiple remotes can be used.

Pairing and programming information is wirelessly synced between remotes to eliminate redundant programming.

Solar Panel


Amorphous silicon. Approx 13 x 3 inch.

Power output is a nominal 0.8 Watts at a maximum of 10 VDC. Typical current output when connected to the operator is 0 to 120mA depending on weather and battery conditions.


Expected 25% degradation in the first 1-2 years, then remains unchanged throughout the panel life of more than 20 years. This degradation is typical of solar panel assemblies. Solar Smart has been designed with this solar panel degradation in mind.

Mounting Hardware

Brackets and fasteners are stainless steel, ideal for outdoor corrosion resistance.


Dimension Drawings

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