Solar Smart Operator


Solar Smart Operator


Solar Smart is designed to be used without any additional power and wiring from the building.

Solar Smart is a solar charged, remote operated, chain drive opener system – designed for the use in awning and hopper windows, and skylights. The operator is powered by a rechargable battery pack that is maintained from the external solar panel; an optional AC adapter is included; engineered to feature ultra low power consumption while in idle state, and in use.

The intelligence of Solar Smart extends to the handheld remote. Bidirectional feedback display is the most noteworthy to the end user. The large and readable display provides feedback on a number of critical items including; Open / Close status displayed in percentage, operator and remote battery levels, rain sensor status and solar charge rate. The Remote includes automated thermostat control and other advanced programming options. A single remote can be paired with one or multiple operators within range.

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Operator Highlights

  • Operating force rating of 60 lbs at the chain, flat orientation.
  • Operating force rating of 80 lbs at the chain, at 4/12 pitch or greater.
  • Powered by a solar charged battery pack that is end-user replaceable. AC adapter included.
  • White cover is standard. Paintable surface.
  • Rain Sensor.

Remote Highlights

  • Large and readable bi-directional feedback display.
  • Automatic Thermostat Operation.
  • 9 programmable Zones with up to 9 operators assigned to a single zone.