The standard Solar Smart Remote provides a great deal of programmable operation, including thermostat operation. For more advanced integration with home/building automation systems, the ECI Remote is available. Compatible with most systems which utilize wired input controls.

ECI Remote for Automation Systems

Solar Smart is now available to be controlled from other devices such as thermostats, home/building automation systems, security systems and etc. - with the use of wired External Control Inputs (ECI) on a dedicated remote – ECI Remote.

The ECI Remote maintains all the functionality as the Standard Remote – however it is intended and recommended that all pairing/programming to be completed on the Standard (Main) Remote and the ECI Remote to be used as a Secondary Remote.

The ECI Remote will operate either a single zone or all zones. The ECI Remote requires a wall outlet for constant power as well as be wired directly to the automation system.

Features such as Rain Sensor, Temperature Control, and Timed-to-Close should be disabled on the ECI (Secondary) Remote and managed only on the Standard (Main) Remote.